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Executive Car Couriers is a bespoke car delivery service, tailored to meet the needs of GROUP BUYERS, MAIN DEALERSHIPS, INDEPENDENT DEALERS and PRIVATE CUSTOMERS.

Executive Car Couriers was established to provide a specialist vehicle delivery service for executive, prestige and family cars. Employing only a mature driver in his 60's who is a graduate, Executive Car Couriers will personally collect and deliver cars between any location in the UK, on mainland Europe and beyond. Whilst originally established to courier cars at the upper end of the market, Executive Car Couriers provides a service for all types of car from small hatch backs and family saloons to the more exclusive models.

Quotations are provided for every delivery, with costs based on distance to the destination rather than time. Therefore, there is no spiralling of charges due to unforseen traffic delays.

The service includes a verbal report on any body work damage, kerbing of wheels and the condition of the interior. This information is communicated to the buyer before the financial transaction takes place.

Executive Car Couriers provides a professional, efficient and friendly service that delivers cars with the same care you would take if you made the journey yourself.

Bruce Malcolm BSc
Executive Car Couriers